Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Beginning

I went to my "Fun" Garden Club meeting this week and it was great to see everyone after a very long hot summer.  It's funny, no one talked about gardening, but our mission was to tell something about ourselves that no one knew and to give a little gardening or household tip if we wished.

Fall by my back garden shed

The lunch was wonderful, chicken salad with grapes, homemade rolls, salad and fruit salad, with little chocolate somethings for dessert.  We all love the lunches but what is most appetizing is the company and conversation, about our summer trips, gardening successes and failures and looking through the book of planned adventures for our group.

We have a very mixed group, young, middle-aged, older and oldest.  It makes for a delightful experience when someone shares that they used to be a flight attendant when they wore those sleek little military type caps with the wings on the front, when they could not be married and they had to be under a certain weight.

My other friend who also belongs to the serious group brought a picture of herself showing an activity that no one knew she was a sculler on a boat with many others from her college, another has written a children's book awaiting to see if it has been accepted.  We found out someone else from our group has a small floral design business and another is a super organizer with demos of her methods.

Oh, it is so great to be back with all of these interesting people!