Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Winners

The University of Illinois does a test garden each year at which I am hoping to volunteer this year.  It is about thirty minutes from my home so it won't be that difficult to do even with a busy gardening season coming up.

Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry
This is a perennial grown from seed that flowers the first year.

Echinacea Pow Wow White
The U of I is expecting this perennial to come back strong this year.

At the end of the growing season the plants are rated by the University of Illinois researchers and also the public who can visit and write down their favorites on a survey.

Gomphera All Around Purple

Coleus Versa Crimson Gold

The seeds are planted in the spring with most of the flowers being annuals with some perennials that bloom from seed the first year.

Marigold Moonsong Deep Orange

Zinnia Profusion Knee High

Zinnia Uproar Rose

Angelonia Angel Mist Spreader Purple

They are tended by volunteers from the Illinois Master Gardener Program and noted for floriferous traits, long blooming period, color and disease resistance.

Impatiens Sun Spreading Corona

Impatiens Sun Compact Magenta

These are all 2010 Winners, some winners nationally and all deemed winners by the University of Illinois Horticulture Department

Begonia Inferno Pink

My feelings are if anything could be a winner for the summer of 2010 it must be great!