Sunday, December 11, 2011

In The Eye Of The Beholder

As I drove up my driveway in the back garden, my granddaughter, who I had just picked up from school, said "your garden is so bare grammie."

Structures and grasses add interest in the winter garden.

This is the same area in July with the pathway and bench only visible from another angle.

Trees also add structure to a garden even a small garden needs winter interest.  The Pagoda Dogwood is a very nice shape even when bare.

This is the south border and I guess it does look sort of bare.  When you have roses there are only sticks in the winter.  I do not have a groundcover on this side so maybe some small grasses would add interest!

This same garden is lush during the summer but it obviously needs some fall and winter interest.

I left the Miscanthus Udine up again this year, can't bear to cut it down when it looks so good.  However, with the first heavy snow it will flop and be more difficult to cut down in the spring.

The structures seem to speak to us during the colder months reminding us of what is to come.

Pink Meidiland in the same island garden

 Clematis Fireworks

Lavon Lilies and phlox also in the island bed

The boxwood by the back patio looks lush and healthy.  Maybe I should spray this with Wilt Pruf to prevent any browning.

This is Green Velvet Boxwood and I find it hardier than the Chicagoland Boxwood that I have out in front.

I will cut Rainbow Knockout back so it does not break in the snow, not too much but enough to give it stability.

Two varieties of parsley are all that remain in the veggie bed.

The garden is asleep but it should still be noteworthy even in the cold weather, conifers, structures, benches, grasses, standing seedheads, fences, pathways, raised planting beds, trellises, decorative sheds and obelisks all add charm to a four season garden.