Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lovely Lilies

Daylilies and Lilies are great partners in the garden even though they are not in the same family.

Orienpet Satisfaction
This is a very tall lily and stands without support.  I have it on the east side and it still fades slightly in the heat.
Daylily Red Rum
Looks great with Brunnera Jack Frost
Geranium Blue Sunshine climbs on an obelisk in the border.
 Orienpet Lavon Lily
The fragrance of the Orienpet lilies is wonderful!
This one came with an unlabeled mix, will not do that again as I do like to know the variety.
Daylily Eileen Clymer
Asiatic Lily Graffiti
Daylily Mary Todd
Daylily Happy Returns
Small, early, nice in front of the border

Daylily Space Witch
Interesting Daylily in that it blooms at different heights, some stalks short and some tall

Daylily Ice Carnival
Blooms in the vegetable garden with the spent daylilies looking better than most other mushies

Daylily Mauna Loa

Orienpet Lily Conca d'Or

Daylily Joan Senior

Orienpet Lily Altari


There are more lilies and daylilies coming and there's always room for one more in the border!


Sunday, July 07, 2013

Containers - The Year Of The Begonia

I have never planted so many fibrous begonias, using them in many containers and trimming the garden beds.  There is only one pre-made container in my garden this year and it has already been given it a haircut.  I did receive a few gift plants that were taken apart and planted in the garden.

The front containers contain Dragon Wing Begonia Red with Pineapple Coleus, Algerian Ivy and Yellow Chiffon Superbells (a great superbell)  A large leaved Cordyline sets it off in the back.

Big Red Bronze Leaved Begonia with variegated ivy, Yellow Chiffon Superbells and Techno Blue Lobelia.  Techno is a newer variety that withstands the heat.  Florida Sun Coleus peeks out in the front.  These begonias are great because they will also grow in the shade as well as full sun.

Red Dragon Wing Begonia in hanging basket on the patio
These were sent to me by Harris Seeds* through the Garden Writer's Association.  They came as small plugs and have grown huge over a six week period.
Santa Cruz Sunset Angel Wing Begonia With Peach Verbena
This variety will take full sun and was also sent to me by Harris Seed Company.
Begonia Million Kisses
This variety will not take full sun but is a wonderful trailer.
I paired this begonia with Caladium Aaron and small Boston Ferns in the shade.
Tuberous Non-Stop Begonias
They did not like all of the rain and the leaves began rotting, seems to have bounced back with the heat!
Many Angel Wing Begonias are grown for their leaves and not their blooms.  This one is for part shade and underplanted with torenia.
Begonia grown strictly for the beauty of the leaves, would have to look very hard to see any flowers.
Easy Wave Petunia
Plugs from the Harris Seed Company
This basket is in full sun and I am seeing a little bleaching on the salmon colored variety but overall very prolific.

Petchoa Super-Cal Blue
This is a new variety, a cross between a petunia and calibrachoa supposedly performing better than either variety.  They seem prolific and trailing with slight fading.  I ordered these as plugs from Park Seed Company.
Torenia With Pink And Green Dracena
This is a shade plant on the patio.
Nasturtiums, Magellan Zinnias, Saffron Superbells and Red Sweet Potato Vine
Renee's Seeds* sent me a media kit to choose several seeds to try in my garden (Climbing Nasturtiums)
Coleus Wasabi And Henna
The coleus varieties are so great now growing in full sun or shade, paired with Sweet Caroline Sweet Potato Vine (much more controlled than Marguerite)
Coleus Redhead WIth Tequilla Superbells and Lobelia Techno
Cast Iron containers on north side of house (sun to part shade)
Sunpatiens With Yellow Chiffon Superbells and Techno Blue Lobelia
I have put in several Sunpatiens  (Impatiens that will grow in full sun to part shade).  They are large, 24" wide so you don't need many to fill an area.
Illusion Emerald Sweet Potato Vine
This is one of my favorites and not easy to find, in my Irish Pots.
Fairy Garden
This was a Mother's Day gift from my daughter and look what's inside!
Statuettes depicting two of my grandchildren
*No remuneration just feedback on results for Harris Seeds plants and seeds