Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I'm A Believer

If the date wouldn't convince me this past weekend certainly did the trick.  Previous to this I think I thought that this was the summer that would never end.

Now I feel I must hurry up to get everything done, frost has nipped most of the tender annuals and pulling out will take almost as much time as planting.

Indian Summer Coleus (holds up well to a light frost) with Bedazzled Bronze Mum

I think this is the time of year that we need to notice which annuals and perennials go slowly into the fall season.  I have other coleus that have definitely been nipped, turning brown and will need to be pulled.
PJM (Elite Variety)
The wonderful attribute of this variety is that the leaves turn red in the fall and then revert to a rusty brown for the winter.  Note that mine is sending out very small flowers after this unusual summer.
Azalea Karen
This is an evergreen azalea and stays a beautiful warm brown color all winter.
Ninebark Summer Wine
It is in it's darkest color right now, almost a black/brown in the garden.
It looks so good with Gerald Darby Iris.
North Side Front
This is the area I put in last spring after removing the Euyonmous Wintercreeper.  Amsonia Northwind Select is slow glowing and will need some pruning next spring to keep it compact.  The Pennestium Piglet is a wonderful addition.
Pennestium Piglet
What a surprise this one was, much more feathery and showy than the other Pennestiums.
This is my designer pumpkin and so far it is still intact.  I think it has been tested by the squirrels but so far they can't get through it!
Miscanthus Little Kitten is a late blooming grass and I am so glad to see that its plumes are opening.
This is not a "little" grass, at least three feet tall and over three feet wide. 
This is the front area looking through Miscanthus Little Kitten.  I love it this time of year but it does need more room than what they say in the catalogs.
I was not thrilled with the Alley Garden this year as many of the plants flopped, even with supports, and learned that a lack of water will cause this to happen.  I have since put in a water drip hose system and will prune plants in the spring to spread rather than grow tall.  We will see if this is a remedy or a sign to replant something more adaptable like all sedums.
Panicum Shenandoah is spaced throughout my back garden hopefully to give a four season effect rather than seeing just the sticks of the rose bushes.  Shenandoah is usually more reddish this time of year, but I am afraid that I do not get the right amount of sun to give me this effect.
Phlox Franz Schubert
I do not want to constantly talk about this phlox, but it is still around and wanting to re-flower, what could be better?
I have many varieties of phlox but there are only a few that would still be performing in October!
Phlox Blue Paradise is the other one that is a consistent performer in my garden, with deadheading goes into the cooler weather of fall.
Bob's Blunder has become one of my favorite geraniums because it is a non intrusive plant just working through whatever is there.  Notice the muscari just coming up through wherever!  It also has two sets of leaves, larger and darker on top.
Heuchera Autumn Leaves
Heuchera Southern Comfort
Just beginning to develop its wonderful reddish colors