Friday, March 29, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

I almost didn't think of planting my seeds under lights this year, but I was inspired by a fellow blogger Lona to again begin my garden indoors.  I don't know what happened, many of the new introductions were not offered in seeds and I just couldn't make up my mind what to grow.

I browsed through the catalogs very late and chose some annuals and vegetables that were of interest.

I have four levels of lights that are plenty of room for me.  Lights are on a timer and have moved very close to the plants at this time, on for fourteen hours per day.  These are the zinnias just developing their second true leaves.

Zinnia Uproar (Rose)
I usually start plants from seed when they are not readily available in the nurseries or are super expensive to buy several.  I saw this one last fall in the Catingy test garden and they gave it rave reviews.

Zinnia Magellean Coral
This is a shorter zinnia with large flower heads.
Dichondra Emerald Falls
I grew Silver Falls last year and it was very heat tolerant.
Parks Improved Whopper
Pepper Mariachi
Very prolific pepper, have never seen this one at the nursery, AAS winner.  It has some heat to it but not scorching.
That's it for indoor gardening this year, ready to plant my lettuce, radishes, spinach and onions outside today!