Monday, May 24, 2010

The Life Is Good Award

Lona, at A Hocking Hills Garden has nominated me for the above award, but she is insisting that I answer her questions!!

1.  What makes life good for me?

     Life is good for me when I am with my family, my five
     grandchildren and my lifelong work friends.  You
     have to put yourself out there to make these
     connections, invite people over, make dates, etc.

2.  My favorite pastime other than gardening.

     I love to cook, sew, decorate and am passionate about
     educational opportunities for young children.
     Writing is also something I love, fits well into blogging.

3.  Worst Gardening Experience

     Rudebeckia Goldstrum - I know many people love it,
     but it reseeded everywhere it could find a speck of
     dirt in my previous home, not a favorite plant!

4.  Favorite flower

     I would have to say it is the rose, I have so many around
     my garden.  They add a mystique for me that is not
     possessed by any other flower.

5.  Where would I love to visit.

     I would love to visit the English gardens.

6.  Favorite flower or nature picture.

     I love the flower and fauna of Rousseau

Lona, thank you for your interest in Gatsbys Gardens.