Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Last Roses Of Summer?

Each year for the past several years I get one beautiful flush of bloom and then the attack begins.  They are my foe the Japanese Beetles scheduled to show themselves about the fourth of July.

Pink Meidiland is a graceful shrub rose that looks like it is dancing all summer.  If you want a nice rounded bush this is not the rose for you, but it works wonderful in a full border.

Carefree Beauty is another free form shrub rose, grows tall and arching and excels in the middle part of the border with other plantings to keep it tamed.

Carefree Delight shrub rose graces the back of the border blooming in clusters.  I think the border is my favorite place to grow roses, looking very natural with a variety of shapes and colors around them.

All The Rage is a front of the border rose with glossy green leaves and blooms the entire summer, more resistant to those beetles.

Cinco de Mayo is an award winner, smokey in color and peeks out from many other plantings.

Mary Rose is a very fragrant David Austin Shrub rose, middle of the border and reblooms throughout the summer.  The beetles do like this one, maybe the fragrance!

The Knockouts never disappoint this one being Rainbow, my favorite.
The original Knockout combination of single and doubles
Knockout Blush
Knockout Pink
Home Run Red is part of the new generation beyond Knockouts, also more resistant to beetle damage.
Home Run Pink