Friday, May 27, 2011

Around The Garden

We have had such terribly wet weather I am not sure it is worth going around my garden, but we'll give it a go.

The Pagoda Dogwood is beautiful again this year.  It did not bloom for the first five years and then I pruned it severely after the cicadas hit and it shocked it into glorious bloom.

Up close it is amazing!

I had Dianthus Firewitch on the south side of my home and it was not doing well.  It is supposed to take heat and drought but I guess this was too much for it.  Last fall I moved it into a back garden area and look what happened, it loves the new location!

Geranium Magnificum
I brought this geranium from my last home and it has not bloomed in six years.  I moved it last fall to a sunnier location and voila, it is blooming!

Geranium Karmina
I also brought this one with me when I moved and it has been very fussy until I found out what it wanted.  No cutting back in the spring, just neaten up after flowering or it cuts down on flower production, not much fertilizer or you just get leaves.  This is going to be its best year.

Geranium Max Frei
This is a very low growing mounding geranium, not fussy, seems to bloom no matter what.

This is the plant I bought at Home Depot in early spring.  The rabbits were eating large chunks of it until I put down the granular Plantskydd.  I have four of them and the eaten ones are coming back, but what is notable is that it is non-stop blooming.

Zinnia Zahara Highlight
I grew these from seed and have not seen them in the nurseries in my area.  They are a luminescent yellow very striking!

Silver Tidal Wave Petunia
I grew this one from seed, can grow to two feet high and two feet wide, border or trailing.

This is also Silver Tidal Wave, goes through a range of orchid tinted hues.

Hosta Undulata

Hosta Thunderbolt

Astilbe Maggie Daley and Ghost Fern

Ninebark Summer Wine
I replaced the Rhrus Aromatica with three of the ninebarks by Proven Winners.  I love the dark leaves and they are ready to bloom.

Weigela Dark Horse
I put two of these in last fall in the front garden when I took out the roses.

The Veggie Garden
The lettuce loves it but the warmer season vegetables are on hold, can't even see my tomato plants in the backgrouund.