Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Collectors Garden

I took a little field trip today to my sister-in-law's garden, not leaving my brother out, but it is her garden!  She is a collector as long as I have known her which is about forty years.  Her garden is not only a personal reflection of who she is but a creative endeavor that displays all of her interests and talents.

This is an example of a completely renovated garden over a period of a quarter of a century.  The home was built in 1925, and many improvements have been made on the house and the garden.  The pond was original and made of cement, not a preformed plastic.  It is stocked with goldfish, lilies, water hyacinths and some pond grasses. 

There are rememberance gardens for our family members who are no longer in our lives, one for her mother, father and my mother.  They are genuine with my mother's favorite saying on a plaque, her fathers work boots planted with flowers and plants that have her mother's name, her mom's birdhouses and fountain.

Please enjoy the photos of Barb's wonderful garden!