Sunday, June 14, 2015

Anticipating The Crescendo

I always think of June as the month of the Roses, but if you don't have any roses, then there is a small lull.  Oh, I do have many things blooming but certainly nothing like July.  The early flowering shrubs are beautiful.

Ninebark Summer Wine
Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls
Tor Spirea
Weigela Wine and Roses
The clematis begin to make themselves known in May and June with the Type II's the first to appear.

Ville De Lyon
This one can be pruned as a Type II or a Type III.  It does better for me treating it as a Type II and just pruning it lightly in the spring.
 Rouge Cardinal With Henryi
I like mixing the types because of the extended bloom times of later Clematis.  Henryi was supposed to bloom first with much larger blooms (Type II) but the rabbits ate it to the ground so it is blooming at the same time as the Type III.
Hagley Hybrid
This is one of my favorites and will do better in part shade because of its light pink color.
This is my mystery Type II right now because the tag is somewhere under the foliage.
I didn't mean to imply that June can be boring, but when I see all of the plants that are getting ready to burst forth, it's mind boggling!
Green is a must to add background to the coming crescendo.
Amsonia Hubrechtii Northwind Select
I always cut down to six inches so it becomes a much less floppy plant for the beautiful fall color.
Lady Fern
The Lady Ferns will take quite a bit of sun.
Interrupted Fern
Hosta Dancing Queen
Hosta Buttercup
Hosta June
As you can see green can be great, but I am still waiting for July!