Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lily Love

The lilies are beautiful this year and the fragrance magnificent.  I have mostly Orienpets with two varieties in my front garden. 

Conca d'Or
It is self-supporting and does not fade.
Lilies look better with their legs covered, Blue Paradise Phlox with daylilies in front, lots of layering allows each planting to look its best!
Orienpet Lavon
These are two of the shorter Orienpets, about four feet tall, strong stems that do not need to be staked, great fragrance and take up very little space in the garden.  I trim them down about one-third when finished blooming, stems stay green and blend in with other plantings.  When they turn brown in late fall, trim to about six inches so you can see where they are in the garden.

Friday, July 11, 2014

An Impressive Garden Season

The backyard grass is finally filling in, probably will be beautiful by fall.  Lake Michigan has higher water levels because of all the snow and rain, and I have not had a problem with indoor ants or seen a Japanese Beetle yet!  Oops, just saw them today!!!

Superstar Petunia with Lavender Rose Calliope Geraniums

A visit to Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin displayed an unforgiving winter with many plants damaged or lost.  However, a gardener's life goes on and there is much planting to do repairing a wondrous garden.


The phlox is massive this year and only Blue Paradise is blooming right now (it is the first and last to bloom).  I am not really sure what all of these varieties are that have filled out so much, I wait with much anticipation.

More than one variety of phlox together

The lilies are just beginning with my only Asiatic the first to bloom.


I have mostly Orienpets, love the size and fragrance.

Orienpet Altari
Lilies ready to bloom in front border
Allium Summer Beauty
Kim's Knee High Red in back border
Back south border (lots of layering)
Back middle island
Comtesse de Bouchard on north side (first year plant)
Miss Amelia with Arnie's Choice
South side raised bed
I ordered some of my container plants from Park's this year, already in combinations and sent as plugs.  They have all done great!  I have just about given up on pre-planted containers (only one this year as a gift).
Hayracks with succulents this year
Superfina Petunia Heavenly Blue (blooms all along stem)
Ordered as plugs from Park's

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

North By Northwest

This was one of my favorite movies but it also applies to the north side of my home.  A few years ago I had nothing but grass on one side and hosta and bleeding hearts on the other, boring!  It has taken a while to get things right, and I am still making corrections each year.

The north side of the path actually gets more sun than the south side of the path, moved plants around quite a bit.  I love astilbe but have resisted planting any more because in our recent heat spells it does not hold up.

Lady In Red Fern does well in sun along with the daylilies, still working on a few of the hostas that are getting quite a bit of sun, petunias in the baskets.
This is the north side garden looking to the west, Green Sheen Pachysandra on the left has done well in the shadier area.
Always good to have a view through a gate!
Sedum Matrona
North side leading out into almost full sun
Amsonia Northwind
Cut down after flowering to fill out for a fall color display
Paul's Glory Hosta needs to be divided.
Many ferns like the sun, such as Lady Fern and Lady in Red.
I have used a lot of the Sunpatiens this year both in sun and part shade.
Visions Astilbe with Interrupted Fern
Astilbe Chinesis Visions
This is the best year because of the rain.
Astilbe Sprite
Even the lighter colored clematis does well on the north side, blues, pinks, white.
I will end with Endless Summer, one bloom this year, can't believe I still have them!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pink In The Garden

Pink is a very important color in the garden.  It tempers the hot colors of summer like orange, yellow and red and seems to blend with all of them.  Pink likes blue and white as companion colors and comes in all sorts of pink tones.

Interplanted with Blue
Hagley Hybrid Type III
Comtesse de Bouchard Type III
Clematis Ville de Lyon Type III

Carefree Beauty

Pink Knockout

David Austin's Mary Rose
The only rose I have with glorious fragrance

Pink Meidiland
Rainbow Knockout
All The Rage
Rex Begonia
Lythrum Morden's Pink
Echinacea Kim's Knee High
Non-Stop Begonias
Non-Stop Begonias on the patio
Lots of pink in this container! 
Zinnia Uproar
Pink looks great with yellow!