Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Extending The Season

In the cooler climates it is all about enjoying our gardens as long as possible.  It takes a little forethought to make this happen.

Front Border
Grasses and Sedums
Great fillers to keep the garden going
Miscanthus Udine
Blue Paradise Phlox is the first to bloom and keeps on going until the first frost if it is deadheaded.
Franz Schubert, Pink Thai Jade and My Mystery Phlox all responded well to deadheading.  Bubblegum and Lavender David did not respond as well.
Fireworks Type II is reblooming as are many of my other clematis.  I trim them by one half after blooming.  I am going to trim them down further next year and see what happens.
Rainbow Knockout will bloom until November, also the first of my roses to bloom in the spring.
Wonderful surprise in the fall border
Anemone Robustissima
Kickin Asters
A new variety that is more compact than previous introductions
I love this red Pennisetum, however, it is an annual in my zone.
The zinnias are a great fall flower, still going strong up until a frost.
Magellan Coral
Orange Sunpatiens
These were a surprise, much hardier than other impatiens varieties, held up to temperatures below forty degrees.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello Fall!

Fall is coming in slowly this year and supposedly will last longer than normal.  The Limelight Hydrangea in the header is more rose colored than ever before.

A new variety of Aster, "Kickin Asters" in the foreground, daylilies resprouting green leaves after trimming.

The large containers in front have been redone for fall.  However, the ivy and cordyline have been kept from the summer - both will tolerate cool weather.

The fall colors have not taken over yet in the front garden but will soon look like a fall collage.

Deep Red Swiss Chard With Mums, Kale, Petunias And Ivy

Comtesse de Bouchard is reblooming, trimmed back by one-half after blooming in the summer.

Little Lime Hydrangea is behind the stone wall in front where I used to have the Rhodies.  They love the east exposure and will take water much better, also have a longer cycle of bloom and color for four seasons.

Miscanthus Udine with Rudbeckia Subtomentosa

Rudbeckia Henry Eilers and Zinnias vie for attention on the south side.

Panicum Ruby Ribbons is not as full as other Panicums but it does add a deep red color to the fall garden.

Allium Summer Beauty in the background can remain standing for fall if they hold up.  Some of mine hold their seed heads and some don't.  Usually by late fall I have cut them down.

Sedum Matrona And Amsonia Northwind
This is an upright sedum, starts out pink and turns a chocolate color for fall and winter.
Sedum Pure Joy With Plumbago
Sedum Autumn Fire
Ninebark Summer Wine
Four seasons of interest, flowers, leaf color changes and peeling bark for the winter.
Pennisetum Piglet with Amsonia Northwind Select
I spy only one tree in the distance turning color, hope it is not diseased as the one next to it was just cut down last week.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Some winners for the summer of 2014:

Supertunia Bordeaux
This one even out performed Bubblegum in my garden, not as leggy and continues to produce lots of new blooms.
Supertunia Bubblegum
This was in its glory in July, now has few blooms and very leggy.
Suncatcher Petunia Purple Rose
This is one petunia, trailing, outperformed any trailer I have every had!  It is growing with Sweet Caroline Sweet Potato Vine, Calliope Lavender Rose Geranium and Red Pennisetum Grass.

Flame Petunia with Ipomoea Sidekick Black, Verbena Lanai Bright Rose
Combo ordered from Parks as starter plugs

Calibrachoa Superbells Yellow Chiffon
One of the best performers, still going strong in August, not always easy to find.
Caliente Geranium Hot Pink
No deadheading required to set bud, strong grower, can become large enough to trail, withstands the heat.

Whopper Bronze Leaved Dragon Begonia
Angel Wing Dragon Begonia
Coleus Henna
Almost three feet tall and wide
Henna in between the raised bed boxwood bordering the patio, makes quite a statement!

Coleus Redhead
This is one plant!

Sunpatiens Spreading Carmine Red
Trailing habit 20 inches wide, 18 inches high
Sunpatiens Spreading Corona
Planted between Max Frei Geranium
The Sunpatiens were also ordered from Park Seed Company as plugs.  They will flourish in full sun or part shade.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Glorious Blooms

The glorious summer blooms are waning, not that there isn't more to come but not like the crescendo of July.

Bubblegum Phlox
Franz Schubert Phlox
David Lavender
Blooms earlier than the white version, not as mildew resistant as David
Mystery Phlox
This is a very pretty color but came with a grouping of phlox that I no longer have.
Pink Thai Jade
Very prolific phlox, holds flowers a long time, will know soon about rebloom
A later variety of Orienpet Lililes facing more downward than the other varieties.  I bought these in a mixed grouping and they were not labeled.
Dragon Heart Geranium
New this year and love the color but it is on watch for hardiness and flower production.
Chicago Rosy Daylily
July is a big month for the mid season daylilies.
Lady Lucille Daylily
I know when Limelight Hydrangea begins to bloom it makes me think of fall.  It starts out slowly with shades of green, then white, pale pink, rose and finally a winter tan.  This is a hydrangea you can count on to bloom every year.
Little Lime is just as beautiful as Limelight, a little looser and much smaller but with the same beautiful flowerheads.  I replaced the rhodies with these behind the stone wall and I think it was a great decision for four season interest.
Little Lime blooms a little earlier than Limelight, therefore the color change comes earlier.
Rudbeckia Harry Eilers is part of my south side sustainable garden.
Rudbeckia Subtomentosa
Loraine Sunshine Heliopsis with Allium Millennium, Saphire Blue Eyrngium and Chicago Apache Daylily
This area will require a little rearranging as far as height levels, Loraine gets pretty tall and the allium is short.
Millennium Allium
Later, brighter and shorter than Summer Beauty Allium
Summer Beauty Allium with Space Age Daylily
Peek-A-Boo Allium
I haven't seen this in the nurseries, received it as a gift from Roy Diblik's Northwind at Midwest Groundcovers workshop.  I like the color, not quite as bright as Millinium.
The south back border, think I will appreciate that Shenandoah Grass in the winter!
Peek-A-Boo Allium is under the Shenandoah grass.