Friday, September 18, 2015

Late Bloomers

For many years I gave up the garden after July, seemed like everything had bloomed within a month's time.

I have worked for the past several years to change that with blooms in the spring, summer, fall and even winter color.

Most clematis will rebloom if you cut it down after its normal bloom time.  This is Comtesse de Bouchaud cut down two-thirds.  The blooms are not quite as big but adds color to the fall garden.

Multi-Blue Clematis is reblooming lightly with just the top stems cut back.

Bourbon Clematis was cut down to six inches after spring bloom.  I moved it last fall so it spent the summer getting nice and full for a more spectacular bloom next spring.  This is a Type II so will not be cut back again until it has bloomed.

Calamagrostis brachytricha

Pennisetum Piglet
This is a great little grass, very graceful but do not cut back in the fall or it may not come back the following spring.
Rudbeckia Subtomentosa with Miscanthus Udine
Rudbeckia Henry Eilers

Sedum Matrona
Matrona will turn a chocolate color after the weather cools.  This is a sedum that blooms very early, starting out a light pink.  Molinia Moorhexe grass comes up through the middle.
Pure Joy Sedum with Ceratostigma Plumbago
Autumn Fire Sedum
Dazzleberry Sedum
Anemone Robitissima Pink

Anemone Andrea Atkinson

Anemone Pamina

Just beginning to bloom

Lots left to bloom in the back border

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Begonia Surefire
This one is fuller than the Big Red Series.
Big Red Begonia
Angel Wing Begonia
Magellan Zinnia Coral
Zinnia Uproar
Verbena Violet Ice
This verbena is a new introduction (supposed to be a winner) from Proven Winners, no deadheading needed, but did not perform well this summer.   It is just beginning to fill out now, will try again next year.  We had an abundance of rain this year and cooler temperatures until the middle of the summer.
Coleus Coleosaurus
Strong grower
Bronze Sweet Potato Vine
Alternated with the coleus between the boxwoods
Ace of Spades Sweet Potato Vine
Rex Begonia Pegasus
This is a newer Rex Begonia, very tall and vigorous, can also be used as a houseplant.
Sunpatiens Pink
The best as far as holding color and filling out early in the season
Sunpatiens White
This was a good performer also, not quite as full because I grew it on the north side of the house.
Sunpatiens Red
Not all Sunpatiens are winners.  The red rain spots and does not do well in the sun!
Sunpatiens Orange
This is a winner but not quite as full because I use it between my Max Frei geraniums, just beginning to fill out.
Even in total shade the red ones bleach out in spots.
Superbells Yellow Chiffon
The best, still going strong since April
Supertunia Bordeaux
With Summer Sparkles Baby's Breath
This petunia did much better than my Bubblegum this year, handled all of the excessive rain.  This baby's breath is a newer perennial, very pretty but small this year.
Allium Millennium
This is not a new perennial but each year I love the color, more than Summer Beauty even though it is a shorter variety.
Phlox Lavender David

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Choices We Make

I have often wondered why I have chosen the color orange for several of my daylilies, but today as I was taking some photos, I realized the orange tones retain their color.  My darker colored daylilies tend to fade very quickly in the heat and sun, their mushies are anything but attractive.  I have many yellow and light colors such as pink tones and cream, all retaining their colors.

Mauna Loa Daylily

Orange is not one of my favorite colors in the garden but it looks spectacular with the blues, purples and pinks.  As I have said before my color palette has changed over the years to include just about everything.

Eileen Clymer Daylily (foreground)
Blue Paradise Phlox with Conca d'Or Orienpet Lily

This is Blue Paradise Phlox in the afternoon with Conca d'Or Orienpet Lily
It is still like magic to me how the color changes during the day, the scent is lovely and wonderful all season if deadheaded.
Lady Lucille Daylily
Blooms with and after Mauna Loa

Barbara Mitchell Daylily
This is a stunning daylily and I must move it to a place of more prominence for next year.
Chicago Rosy Daylily
Dark Ruby Daylily
I have moved this several times, looks a lot darker in the garden.
Ice Carnival Daylily
I have these at the end of my vegetable garden.  They are unusual in that their spent blooms look pretty good and are not like the mushies.
Lullaby Baby Daylily
This was a freebie a few years ago with a daylily order.
Don Stephens Daylily
Another freebie
Red Rum Daylily
This is a shorter daylily and great for the front of the border.
Chicago Apache Daylily
Chicago Apache is in the hot south side raised bed with Loraine Sunshine, and other sustainable plants.  The choices were difficult with many years of experimentation to see which plants can take the heat.
Mystery Phlox
I received this in a pot with another phlox, still going strong and the original no longer with us.
My choices in phlox have not always worked out, loved Laura but could not keep it after several tries.
Bubblegum Phlox
Bubblegum is a beautiful phlox but does not respond to deadheading like Blue Paradise.
Back South Border
The Orienpet Lilies blooms at different times, these being my last to bloom by the back gate.  They are very tall, at least eight feet and some of the blooms point downward.
Orienpet Lily Friso
Orienpet Lily Anastasia
Orienpet so tall it cannot stand even with support, very pretty but was part of a group and not named.
Kim's Knee High Pink Coneflower
Kim's Knee High Red Coneflower
I tried to order more of the pink but it was sold out a couple of years ago so I went with the red, not a big difference.  I like both!