Friday, September 20, 2013

Bloom And Rebloom

It always amazes me this time of year that some plants  have just begun to bloom after a long spring and summer.  We need to seek them out to make our gardens span three seasons.

Actaea Black Negligee
Obedient Plant Vivid
Anemone Robustissima

Hydrangeas blooming late really add to the late summer and fall garden.

Unique Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea
I left most of the blooms on this year until they turn that wonderful white with pink hues.
Little Lime
The grasses are wonderful especially the late season varieties that are just beginning to open up.  They are late coming up in the spring which means that bulbs and earlier perennials can be planted with them.
Miscanthus Udine
Late season reddish plumes
Miscanthus Little Kitten
Pennesitum Hameln, Ruby Ribbons
Newly Planted Fothergilla
Amsonia Hubrechtii Northwind (trimmed down to eight inches after flowering), Pennesitum Piglet, Gerald Darby Iris With Ninebark Summer Wine
Plant for late season color not just flowers!
Sedum Matrona With Sedum Angelina
This sedum blooms in the summer with great dried flowers through the fall and winter.
Reblooming only happens with most plants if you deadhead consistently, not really a difficult task if you walk your garden to see what's happening.
Phlox Candy Store Bubblegum
What more could you ask for with this display of September blooms?
Franz Schubert
Blue Paradise
There are many more reblooming phlox in my garden but this just gives you an idea of the color you can have in the fall.
Dicentra Exima
Rainbow Knockout
Planted between Max Frei Geraniums and Plumbago
Carefree Beauty
One of the roses that keeps going until frost
Pink Knockout
Many clematis rebloom is you give them a little trim after the main bloom.  I cut down all my type II's to get rebloom in late summer and fall, lightly trim type III's to get some late summer blooms.  I do not trim type II's again until after flowering in the spring.
Fireworks Type II In Late Summer
Henryi Type II
Bees Jubilee Type II

I have never done well replanting for fall in the veggie garden.  It seems everything gets eaten as soon as it sprouts!  I had some wonderful peppers again this year with Mariachi (medium hot) and with a grafted tomato I am trialing.  Improved Whopper was tasty but very inconsistent fruit size.  I love that Golden Jubilee, lower acid tomato!
Heirloom Purple Tomato, Fanfare Cucumber, Golden Jubilee Tomato, Deuce Determinate Tomato, Mariachi Pepper


Leslie's Garden said...

I'm so impressed with how much you having blooming late in the season! I do so love the grasses and don't have a single one. There is a fast food restaurant that we frequent that has some of the prettiest grasses in it's drive-thru . I love to go in the late afternoon because of the way the sun hits the plumes. So gorgeous!

Jenny Short said...

Beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful. Glad to know the name of Limelight Hydrangea. I have two of them that are beautiful. xo Jenny

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

So many fall-blooming bright plants! Your phloxes and clematis are just wonderful!

Beth said...

Eileen, You have lots of beauty in your garden. Really stunning. The phlox and clematis are looking good!

Donna said...

Eileen, You have great fall color going on, it's a great time of year to enjoy it all! Can you tell me how you control your 'Summer Wine' ninebark? I do cut mine back in the spring (also have the bright green ninebark) but they spray out all over and get unruly. Do you have a secret for your nicely shaped shrub? Thank you!

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

Great content and inspiration for a gardener's handbook on autumn blooming perennials.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Donna,

I cut Summer Wine down by one third the first year and then clipped it a few times the second year. The branches are meant to arch and drape in it's true form, just lovely if you have the room. I don't, so this year I just clipped the random branches with my pruners, not a hedge clippers, and this brought it under complete control. Mine are in a narrow strip separating mine and my neighbor's yard, so I can't have it out of control.


Jennifer said...

You are my favourite advocate for the positive powers of deadheading Eileen! I thought of you when my phlox finished flowering and got out my pruners. They are now all nicely reblooming. Thanks for the great lesson!
Love the Actaea Black Negligee! Have a great weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Helloo Eileen
You have done so well keeping your garden blooming !
I had that plan in my head too but?
Life happens and it happens like crazy with renos .. I am exhuasted .. poor hubby is exhausted .. and it just continues starting 8:30 tomorrow morning with the new toilet problem.
Son is supposed to lad early evening.
So it all happens at once and I just cross my fingers I can survive it and have a little enjoyment with son's visit !
But thank heavens the weather is kind to my garden .. and it is surviving without my touch right now. Thank you for your kind words!
I appreciate it : )

joey said...

Autumn lovely Eileen!

myfrenchkitchen said...

Just goes to show that September gardens can still be beautiful..wonder how it looks now, in October?