Thursday, November 10, 2011


I don't know what to say, feeling so upset about what's going on outside my house.  There are huge piles of dirt dug up with just as many huge holes in the ground, something about converting to high pressure gas lines.

One of the things I read about high pressure gas lines is to run if you smell gas!  This is encouraging, live with my eighty year old lines underground or worry about the whole block blowing up.  However, this is the future, lots of yellow plastic pipe laying all over the neighborhood ready to be shoved into the ground some day soon.

The pipes are ready across the street to shoot through the ground taking the place of the eighty plus year old pipes that are there now.

I am in and out on a daily basis and leave with trepidation wondering what I am going to come home to, front lawn dug up, stone walkways disturbed, shrubbery and plantings thrown to the side.  They did tell me the gas will be shut off for two to three hours at some point but they will let me know.  I am considering training my dog how to go upstairs and get under the covers.

There are big holes and little holes all the way up and down the block with giant holes at the corners.  We haven't heard a thing from the village about this process!

This is the hole in front of my house, pipe visible and the roots of the same tree that was dug up on the opposite side last spring.  We can only hope this tree will survive.

Fall continues on oblivious to all of this digging and disruption of the earth, leaves continue to change color and the last blooms of fall put on a spectacular show.

I forget each year how beautiful the Star Magnolia is behind the gold and brown of the Panicum Northwind.

The Itea Little Henry has finally begun to change color.  It was as least a month ago that I saw it completely changed at the Morton Arboretum.

I found out that this beautiful PJM Rodie is of the Elite variety whose leaves turn red and then back to green.  I knew the last one I had left after replacing two just didn't look like the new ones even though all were PJM's.  Oh well, the flowers are pretty much the same color!  So be careful if buying PJM's they are not all the same.

I lost my previous Viburnum Carlesi Compactum and replaced it last spring with a new one.  My old one never had this wonderful coloring so I wonder if it wasn't quite right from the beginning.

I am into borders and color again trying to make it year round to the fullest extent in a zone five area.

Azalea Karen will keep its leaves all winter.

Azalea Karen

I am trying to get more grasses in the borders also that can be left up over the winter to add interest.

This is the border facing south with grasses and evergreens to add winter interest.

This is Molina Moorexe in its first year, known as a see through grass and about three feet tall.

The cabbages are fantastic and this one is in the concrete planters in the back by the garage.

These are the cabbages I bought very small at an inexpensive price still among the surviving fibrous begonias even after a frost last night.

Last, but not least and I can't help but showing this rose even after a frost - Rainbow Knockout!


Kathy said...

Your fall foliage is breathtaking! I just love this time of the year. It is good their changing out the old lines - just hope they're very, very careful!
Hope they solve this soon for you!

Beth said...

Eileen, Love your borders, your rhodie (it reminds me of a poinsettia), and the containers on your patio. I like the way you planted/displayed your ornamental cabbages behind the pretty knockout rose. Your grass still looks so nice and green!
Blessings, Beth

Bernie said...

The fall colours are just so beautiful and your garden is still looking fabulous. I feel for you having to put up with the work that's going on in your street. Hopefully it will be over soon.

Zoey said...

It sounds like quite the mess with the gas lines. Luckily you have soome lovely foliage to look at in your own yard. Those cabbages are beautiful!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Kathy,

I suppose it is good to put in new lines, but I hate to see the landscape torn up.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Beth,

I think I will even do more cabbages next year since they last so long into the colder weather.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Bernie,

I am enjoying the colors more this season and they seem to have lasted longer.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Zoey,

I just wish it was over, hate to see everything dug up.


Lona said...

Hi Eileen. Your rhododendron just keeps getting more beautiful this Fall. The cabbages are so pretty. I am going to half to try one some Fall.
What a mess they are making. Good grief I know how frustrating that can be for a homeowner and a gardener. I hope they get it done promptly and do not wreck your plants or yard to much.

scottweberpdx said...

Ugh with all the disruptions...and I hate the not knowing...when, bad...they never tell you! Love that fall foliage...that Viburnum is amazing! I love your 'Northwind', so full and lush...can't wait for mine to get that big! So excited to see your 'Moorhexe'!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

Yes, this is a pretty version of PJM. I have one oddball with the two red leaved ones, but they all look the same most oof the year.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Scott,

I am really excited about trying more and more smaller grasses. They add such interest to the fall landscape.


Jenny Schouten Short said...

I think you will be safer. 80 years is a long time for pipes. Don't worry. Your flowers are gorgeous. I want some of your cabages! xo Jenny

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl my goodness you have a beautiful entrance way and I so understand your fear of what will be torn up to get the gas lines in. I hope they consider how gorgeous your garden is and will be careful .. fingers crossed for that poor tree !
I am in love with my cabbages/kale too ! the colder the weather gets the more beautiful they seem to be. I hope to find more next year too!
Fingers crossed for you and your wonderful garden girl !!

Karen said...

Eileen, I wait with bated breath to see if you survive this onslaught of construction workers. Oh, I enjoyed your garden so much today, mine is still encased in white.

garden girl said...

Lovely fall colors Eileen!

The gas company laid new lines in our neighborhood last fall. Stuff looked messy for a while, but there were no problems. Fortunately our village kept us in the communication loop, and no damage was done to landscapes. Most of the work was in the parkways, with narrow trenches leading to the house. By spring we couldn't even see where the trenches had been dug, and they came back in June to clean up the parkways and lay new sod.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Jenny,

You are right, eighty year old pipes are not safe, just concerned about all of my plantings. I guess they can be replaced.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

They say they will replace everything, but you know how that goes, we replaced our own grass last year after they dug. I do love the cabbages and will do more next year.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Karen,

No snow yet but a couple of frosts, today 70 degrees! I am concerned about how must they will come into my garden to get to the gast meter!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks GG for the info, our village has given us nothing! I know this is going to be done everywhere eventually but it would have been nice to know the process ahead of time. The gas company just showed up one day and began digging.