Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bringing The Outside Indoors

I have to stop myself many times in the spring when I go to buy cut flowers for a special dinner or just to enhance my home during this exhilarating time of the year. 

Why not use something more sustaining than the traditional grouping of gerbera daisies, iris, mums, etc.  Take little pots of pansies, daffodils, primrose or hyacinths, place in a decorative pot and moss them.  When the festivities are over and you have enjoyed them in your home for a few days or more you can plant them out in the garden.  Believe me, they will come back, just do not cut down the foliage.

I am doing pansies today for my daughter-in-law's birthday, and of course I could not resist buying some beautiful daffodils for the children's table.  I love doing this, such as beautiful pink geraniums on the dining table for my daughter's birthday in May, plant them in the garden and think of that special day all summer.

Another idea for seasonal flowers is to decorate your home with potted geraniums, gerbera daisy, lavender, fibrous begonias, etc. (they can be small 4" pots) wrapped in foil and given as party gifts to the attendees to take home, such as for Mothers Day.  Don't hesitate to intermingle some faux items to enhance the overall setting.

I love to moss my outdoor containers and hayracks with an Oregon moss.  It adds a wonderful woodland feel that cannot be duplicated with the moss found at local garden centers.  I order this greenish-tan moss from .  It can be soaked in a large bucket and then easily handled to moss all of your baskets and containers.

When I am doing this outside I will show it on my blog.  But, I know now is time for me to order before they run out!  If we can't have spring outdoors, let's move it inside for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Dear Eileen, Your table settings look absolutely lovely and, that apart, show your guests that you have thought about them with love and care.

These home arrangements are, in my view, a million times nicer than something shop bought.

Bernie said...

Fabulous ideas ... they all looked so good, but I particularly loved the daffodils!

I felt a little sorry for your poor pansies in the top photo ... when will the snow be gone?

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I do love to decorate with flowers, but once my garden is growing, I do not like to cut anything outside to bring inside. I do not have room for a cutting garden.

I just can't seem to take them away from the outside.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Bernie,

The snow is still everywhere today, but it should be gone by tomorrow when the temperature should hit 50 degrees F.


Gloria Bonde said...

How lovely! Your table is so inviting. It looks like you enjoy antique furniture - I do too. I think it goes well with a romantic garden

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Gloria,

I do love antiques. They seem to go with gardening. I am constantly telling myself I need to use them along with my plants and flowers.


Tootsie said...

great ideas ...I love the pansy photos

Cottage Garden said...

Thank you Eileen for visiting my blog. It seems we are all looking forward to getting the veggies going in our raised beds. We have at last seen the last of the harsh winter (I hope for you too) and spring is here in body and spirit!

I hope you don't mind but I have added you to my favourite gardening blogs.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thank you Jeanne,

I visit Edith often and saw you on her list. I hope to visit you again soon. I have several cousins in Ireland.


Indoor Fountains said...

Some great inspiration! Beautiful displays! I may have to steal some of your ideas Eileen...if you don't mind ;-)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Go right ahead. Thanks for stopping by.


Heather @ what's blooming this week said...

Wow - the tables are gorgeous. Very creative. Glad you liked the short ribs recipe. Thanks for dropping by my little blog project.

joey said...

I so agree, Eileen, and these are lovely shots. I've enjoyed my primrose inside, now going out, and besides spring bulbs, like you, love gerbera daisies. Once spring gets going, 'm a huge snipper outside ... love bowls of pachysandra, hosta leaves, herbs, etc. for flower fillers. Luckily, pansies are hardy! Let's hope the snow is gone but I have photos of snow on blooming tulips and forsythia.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Joey,

The snow is gone for now. Everything looks pretty good, except my grass. I am headed out again today to cut down more grasses.