Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Season To Celebrate

Fall is a season we can plan for, not necessarily planting and enjoying the color of flowers, however, there are many plants that put on a show in late summer and fall.  I am suggesting by planning ahead with trees shrubbery and perennials, fall can be a beautiful burst of color before the snow rolls in!

Dwarf Fothergilla
Tor Spirea
Ninebark Summer Wine
The above three shrubs are my favorites, but there are several others that display great fall color.
Weigela Wine and Roses
Weigela Dark Horse
Smaller shrub with lots of gold in the fall
Azalea Karen
Keeps its leaves all winter
Hydrangea Limelight
This is pretty much how Limelight will look all winter, leaves gone, flowers dried.
Itea Henry's Garnet
Just beginning to change
The trees all have their own color timeline, Magnolia in foreground, Accolade Elm on the right and Chanticleer Pear in the background.
Heuchera Pinot Gris
Don't forget some of the Heucheras stay for the winter and even peek out under the snow.
Heuchera Southern Comfort
Stays colorful all winter
Variegated Solomon's Seal
This plant had a lot of insect damage this summer, not sure what was stripping the leaves.


Beth said...

Hi Eileen, You have some lovely shrubs. You are correct that with planning autumn can be very beautiful in our gardens. I like your weigelas and fothergilla. Limelight looks pretty too. Do you cut back Limelight in the springtime? Does it bloom on new wood? I have removed some Endless Summer cultivar hydrangeas as their production was disappointing and plan to add a Limelight and Invincibelle Spirit in the spring.

Bernie H said...

What great colours! We miss out on the fabulous autumn colours here.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Beth,

I do cut Limelight back in an ice cream cone shape in March. However, is will bloom on old or new wood. I am thinking of pulling my Endless Summer Hydrangeas, they produce mostly leaves!


Jenny Short said...

You have it all...all the colors imaginable. I just love them. What an interesting Dark Horse, never heard of that. Just lovely. xo Jenny

Karen said...

Hello Eileen, your garden never, ever fails to amaze me. You could win awards with your container gardens, too. I'm always stunned by your artistic arrangements.

And I have not had much luck with my Endless Summer hydrangeas, either. They've been Endlessly disappointing, but I will give them ONE more year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl all of these are such beauties! .. You have reminded me that I really want a dwarf fothergilla .. I missed out on it this year but I want one for next year and I mean it ! LOL


Hi Eileen,

Your fall colors are so pretty. I've got a Japanese Maple with a few leaves remaining, otherwise everything is pretty much gone. Except for the Heucheras of course. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jennifer said...

You have an amazing array of foliage Eileen. The Tor Spirea caught my eye because I like Spirea for some reason even though they are super common.