Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Before The Snow Flies

As I looked at my outdoor container plantings I thought I had better get those photos taken before we are knee deep in snow.  There was one year that I never saw my containers until March!

It is too bad that pansies and parsley are not Christmas plants because we really would have blooms and greenery into December.

The concrete planters by the garage are a combination of incense cedar, huckleberry, some faux berries and red twig dogwood branches.  The Limelight hydrangeas have been spray painted in an outdoor enamel.

Geranium Magnificum could be a Christmas plant but it's not, just turning color before going to sleep.

I used some different greens this year like the Huckleberry and Port Orford Cedar and the Seeded Eucalyptus, faux melons that I sprayed with poly.  The Hydrangeas are my dried Limelights sprayed.

The hayracks on the shed are pretty casual, balsam, cedar, huckleberry and red twig dogwood, some faux apples and garland.

Max Frei Geranium is also putting on its holiday colors.

Magnolia, Port Orford Cedar, Eucalyptus Pods, Hydrangea Unique sprayed green, Green Apples and Willow.  Some are faux, some are real!

Pomegranates and Boxwood.
I sprayed the pomegranates this year with a clear poly to see if they will withstand the winter weather.

Plumbago is this great ground cover that blooms with blue flowers in the fall and then turns this great purple color.

Panicum Northwind is not a Christmas color but it sure does perk up my spirits as I drive into my garage every day.

I am not so thrilled with the resin planter this year, but it is more natural with the allium Purple Sensation.

This is one of two cast iron planters in the front, lots of cedar, white pine, a tree topper, pepper berry, dried seed pods and some faux berries.


Claudia said...

Reaallly nice containers! I think the spashes of red are great. Thanks for the inspiration - I'm heading to ard with my pruners.

Lona said...

As usual your planters are just so beautiful again this year. I love that your spray painted the hydrangeas.I will have to remember that. I painted my Purple Sensation heads too but I did mine blue and white to use this winter after Christmas. I never thought of Christmas colors! Thanks for the tip. LOL! I planted more of them this Fall so I should have more to paint up next year.
The red paint you used on yours looks so festive.
Snow coming in tomorrow. Yuck Eileen! LOL!

Karen said...

Eileen, I just got back in from trying to spruce up my iron planters and now I see this! My hands are all sticky from red spray paint and my feet are freezing, but you know what? I give up. Mine will never, ever look as beautiful as yours. You have the artistic touch and your planters are Elegant with a capital E!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

This is all gorgeous. I never know what to do with pommegranetes. xo Jenny

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Claudia,

I do not use red in my house, except around the holidays, but I do like it outside.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Lona,

The hydrangeas if sprayed will last the whole winter. I didn't cut as many this year, left them to dry on the shrub. The allium isn't real showy, probably looks better in white.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, I am sure your planters will look just great. I am not as pleased with some of the greens I used this year, but you learn to stick with things that you know look good.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Jenny.

The pomgranates I bought already dried, they are quite small. I clear sprayed them so that they would last.


Zoey said...

Lovely,as usual, Eileen. I especially like the painted Limelight hydrangeas. You picked the perfect Christmas color for them.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Zoey, I think I am done outside for a while. We are expecting some snow this weekend and also some rain. So, here we go into winter.


Beth said...

Eileen, I proclaim you queen of the containers! Honestly, every container you do, from spring to summer to fall to Christmas - EVERY ONE of them is creative, colorful and beautiful!!! There's not much to look at plantwise at my place now (other than the Christmas tree). You have inspired me. Eileen, thanks so much for sharing these. I love them!
Blessings and hugs, Beth