Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Goodbye Garden

You probably know by now I like movies, old movies, some new movies and those old horror movies with Bela Lugosi.  I looked around my garden today and everywhere I looked it was saying goodbye!  For some strange reason it reminded me of a favorite movie called The Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason.

I cut the Henryi Type 2 Clematis to the ground this year because it had become very woody.  It has grown quite tall and is putting out one huge bloom to say goodbye.

Comtesse De Bouchard has lots to say as a type 3 if we don't get a frost.  Look at all of those insect bites, many more than during the spring and summer.

Duchess of Albany is a type 3 saying goodbye with just one bloom.  Again, it is being eaten by insects.

Miss Bateman type 2, you have come back, so nice of you to visit before going to sleep even if is only one bloom!

The Rhodies will develop some reddish colored leaves, not to worry, this is normal for this time of year.  They will drop these leaves but will be perfectly healthy for new growth in the spring.  Remember when it gets really cold or really hot their leaves curl under.

I am finding it difficult to say goodbye to my Pineapple Coleus (which has become more veined as the weather has cooled) and the Pink Knockout Rose.  My rose has not made an appearance in two months, but it has come to say goodbye.

The tuberous begonias have done well all summer, I will certainly bring more of these into my garden next year.

The Volcano Phlox Pink with White Eye is blooming even after a traumatic hot summer planting.

This petunia has done nothing all summer, I have even forgotten its name, but now it is making a last hurrah!

The Italian parsley will hold up until November.  It takes a really hard frost to take parsley out.


Andrea orange mum and unnamed yellow cultivar

Unnamed yellow cultivar (I know I said I wasn't going to buy so many mums but I couldn't resist)

The pansies are beginning to fill out with the cabbages and red swiss chard.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard (the lights are the stems not the leaf)

Plumbago under the Arnie's Choice daylilies (this experiment worked in regard to having something that is growing under the daylilies after they are cut down in July)

Let's Dance is a new lace cap hydrangea that has suffered this summer with the heat.  It is now putting forth many new buds.  We'll see you next year!

The back border will soon be gone with the first frost.  Goodbye!

I am concerned about saying hello to anything in the next few months.  It has been so intensive during the spring and summer months, we need to figure out our discussions for those cold winter days!

I like Larry Conrad's idea about developing a forum for discussing what worked for us and what didn't and maybe coming up with some ideas for a better 2011.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Eileen. I did the same thing yesterday cutting and deciding what to keep. They say frost maybe coming this weekend so some decisions had to be made. My Rhodies are looking like yours and I had so many leaves from them to clean up yesterday. I think your Henry clematis is so pretty.I hated to cut down my phlox. I think I will miss them as much as my roses. Do you keep your begonias over winter? They are so lovely.

allanbecker-gardenguru said...

I am very interested to read about your experience growing Hydrangea Let's Dance.

Given how disappointing many new varieties of Hydrangeas sometimes turn out to be, it might be a good idea for garden bloggers to share their successes and failures with certain Hydrangeas.

When I saw the photos that you posted of Hydrangea Limelight, I was inspired to add it the gardens of some of my clients.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eileen, It is not goodbye - just Au Revoir!! Until the next time.....which will, of course, be bigger, brighter, more beautiful etc. etc. !!

joey said...

Yes, it's hard to say goodbye, Eileen. I still have much to do to tuck all to bed for the winter. Farewell Sweet September!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, I think I am going to put in more phlox next year (did so well in the heat). I cut mine down today also.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Allan,

I agree with you about the hydrangeas. My Endless Summer did not do very well this year so we'll see about Let's Dance. I will be sad if it doesn't work out because it is the first miniature hydrangea I have seen (grows two to three feet tall, same spread).


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Edith, you are right I am already planning for next year. I am going to renovate the front of my home, roses are going, not sure what I am putting in their place.

My asian friend that told me no thorns in the front of the house, brings bad luck. Maybe, she was right!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joey, I think there is almost more work at the end of the season as the beginning. Someone the other day was surprised that I had anything to do in the fall. Needless to say, she was not a gardener.


Bernie said...

Here in my part of the world, we don't really have the problem of saying goodbye to most of the garden ... we do lose plants over the Summer and, of course, the Annuals start winding down as Summer progresses but that's about it.

I have to say that your Goodbye Garden is still looking remarkably colourful and bright. Love that back border! Those Mums are brilliant too. Well enjoy the break while you plan for next year.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Bernie, I have already started to plan some renovations for this fall and next spring. There are many plants that are not available in the fall so I will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Your clematites are gorgeous! and I love the autumn colours in your garden already...beautiful! I'm also planting bulbs...not really my thing, planting bulbs, but come spring, I'm always happy! Happy gardening and bon weekend.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks Ronelle,

I took out a lot of tender plants today because we are suppposed to get a frost this weekend, do not like the mushy plants.


Cat/The Whimsical Gardener said...

I love your combination of swiss chard and pansies! I'm down here in Austin so just now thinking about my fall containers. You've inspired me to try something new. Thanks! Your blog is beautiful!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Cat, that swiss chard is weird, the variety I have is called Bright Lights but they grow differently depending upon the color of the stems.


Karen said...

Hello Eileen, I covered as much in the gardens as I could last night (have one more wedding coming and need the color) but I haven't gone out to see what survived and what didn't. My Comtesse de Bouchard is still blooming strong, what a plant. I didn't cover the mums; hate to admit, but this is only my second year with them, so was I supposed to? I agree with you, I should have pulled out many things I didn't cover as I hate mushy plants too!