Monday, August 16, 2010

The Neglectful Gardener

Usually I wouldn't think of myself in this category, but lately all I can do is water the drooping containers before it gets too unbearable to stay outside.  I spritz a japanese beetle once in a while and prune an overhanging plant as I retreat to the house.  I see many more chores I should be doing but just can't stand the heat!

The single Knockouts have performed much better than the doubles this summer.  They seem to be able to take the heat with normal sized blooms whereas the doubles had very small blooms most of the summer.

Pink Mediland Rose has just begun reblooming after a season full of japanese beetle damage.

Pink Beauty has bloomed sporadically but has also been susceptible to the japanese beetles.

I have pruned only three of the seven boxwood that line my patio, maybe if I did one per day it would seem like less work.  Some of the grasses need to be cut back on the outside edges because the rain has put them over the pathway.  The Rhus Aromatica has been sheared about seven times this year (usually two is sufficient) and it has the scale back again.  I am ready to yank them and put in something more carefree, what?

Just one bloom on Nelly Moser - take note of the bites!

I am not even sure what this one is anymore, hopefully not Polish Spirit which I pulled out.

Rainbow Knockout just opening up again after an onslaught of the beetles

Mulch is piled up by the shed to lay on the north side path.  Who even wants to slit open the bag not alone distribute it in this weather?


Fibrous Begonias and Impatiens

My husband asked me if I get discouraged around this time of year.  He is not a gardener, but he even noticed the mundane nature of these daily garden chores.  He has taken on the job of watering the hayracks on the north side fence and I think he is becoming depressed over the way they look - half dead!


Why do we do this year after year?  No other endeavor can I think of, except gardening, has the ability to bring the earth back to life, nurture it, replant it, beautify it and live off of everything it supplies.


Bernie said...

I can totally relate to the apathy that sets in with the heat and the searing sunshine ... over here we also get the horrendous humidity that reaches around 80-90% as well. It quite simply sucks up all your energy just walking outside ... let alone trying to garden.

Hopefully the end is in sight for you soon. Despite the conditions, however, you still have some wonderful blooms. The roses are lovely and I just love Angelonia for it's staying power!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Eileen, Neglectful? Never! Compared with you I am downright negligent. At this time of year I certainly look forward to the gentler weather of autumn, which in London seems to me to be already here. A distinct chill in the mornings and evenings now.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Bernie, I know you experience this type of climate often. We have trouble adapting to this heat when we are not used to having it so consistently throughout the summer. If global warming is for real we had better get used to this.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Edith, I was wishing for some English weather the past couple of months. I am hoping we do not have a repeat next year. Today is a little cooler, mid 80's, so with my clippers and gloves in hand I am heading out to do a little clean up.


Karen said...

Eileen, I know just what you mean. I get fed up with gardening when all the bugs descend and the weather seems merciless, too. Your garden certainly doesn't look neglected, I'd be ashamed to take you through parts of my jungle here. Thanks for the inspiration to do some weed-whacking!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

If we only had all that energy we had this spring. LOL! This summer is really wearing on everyone.We had fewer Japanese beetles this year but what we had went right for the roses and Rose of Sharon bushes. I have had to do less watering this summer than last so far. Although I watered everything real good Wednesday morning and then that evening it rained. Doesn't it always happen like that LOL!

Jennifer said...

Those Japanese beetles are such a menace! Your Knockouts are lovely despite the onslaught of beetles.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Karen, I have lot of things that do not look so great. I am hoping I can get out there and give them some help.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Lona, we have had to water more here this year than I can ever remember. I have some winners and some losers in the garden.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Jennifer, the beetles seem to have ignored the single Knockouts.


garden girl said...

I hope you found relief in the cooler temps and lower humidty today Eileen!

Watering chores do get pretty old about this time of year, and I will always procrastinate on shrub pruning waiting for a cool, or at least overcast day.

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful in spite of the weather. Begonias and impatiens are looking good.

Why do we do it year after year? I do it because I would miss the flowers so much if I didn't. In the spring - to see the newness pop from the ground - it's like a miracle and renewing of the spirit. In the fall is another story. Look at me taking up so much space.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I agree Becca, the fall is a different story. I love the spring and its newness of everything alive. I am ready to put this garden to bed, hopefully with most of it surviving.