Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The word aromatherapy has always made me think of potpourri, scented candles and bath oils.  Yesterday, I attended a workshop by the above name from one of my garden groups (I belong to two).  This one is known as the "fun" group and the other "the very serious group."

It was a smaller group today about seventeen people instead of thirty or forty.  We had our coffee, tea, cookies, fruit and Welch's carbonated juice.  Our aromotherapist arrived in a yellow BMW convertible, which I did not realize until I was leaving (whole new slant on aromotherapy).

Really, kidding aside, I learned a great deal about specific plants, their oils, medicinal value, and how to incorporate them into daily life.  I now know that lavendar is the "angel of healing and purfication," basil helps to lift depression, bergamot opens your heart to love and life and clary sage is a powerful euphoric and relaxing aphrodisiac.  Lavendar can be used full strength but many essential oils require mixing with a medium such as olive oil.  Essential oils have been around for thousands of years being the first perfumes and medicines of bygone generations.  This was definitely some serious learning today, but also fun!

We all made soap (I made lavendar soap), some purchased essential plant oils from our workshop leader, and as I was leaving warned her that she wouldn't be driving her car tomorrow (we're expecting 14" of snow).  She said she had snow tires on that yellow summer car, but agreed  she would probably spend the day in the house rubbing in the citrus oils (my conjecture) which are great for the gloomies!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you may have found a new hobby. We could do pots and soap. I love all different types of soap smells. I bet you had a hard time trying to decide which one you wanted to use.

GloriaBonde said...

I love scented plants. Lemon Balm leaves and some lavender picked right from the garden and inhaled together are my favorite. I smiled when I saw Clary Sage in your garden. Now that is a scent that keeps deer away!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I sure wish it would keep rabbits away.

garden girl said...

I'm trying alliums this year to help keep the rabbits away. I'm sure it's not a complete solution, but they do help some, they're pretty, and unlikely to be grazed since most critters don't like the taste or smell of them.

I didn't realize it (until after I didn't plant it last fall,) but I think the garlic edging my veggie bed last summer might explain in part why they stayed out of the veggie garden. Rabbits are a very big problem in our garden - makes me not mind seeing the occasional coyote in the neighborhood!

Thanks for visiting my blog this morning! I've added yours to my Chicago-area/Illinois sidebar blog roll. It's always great to discover new garden blogger in the Chicago area!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thanks for the rabbit ideas! I will try just about anything this year.

Aromatherapy said...

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