Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring At Gatsbys Gardens

It has been a cool spring so far this year.  Sometimes this is a good thing as the blooms stay around much longer than when it heats up.

Spring containers have become easier to achieve with potted forced daffodils, pansies, pussy willows and faux forsythia.  The bulbs can be replanted in the garden to bloom again next year.
Fortissimo is one of my favorites, great impact from a distance
Itzim Daffodil With Blue Delft Hyacinth
Marieke Daffodil
A tinge of green in the pale yellow, long lasting
Interrupted Fern
So primitive looking as it unfurls
There are Hellebores that look up and out but this isn't one of them!
Magnolia Stellata
Amelanchier Regent
This one grows only about four feet high.