Wednesday, July 08, 2015

It's Beginning!

We have had the most rain in history (as long as amounts have been recorded) for the month of June!

Pink Meidiland Rose
This is a beautiful rose, taller and less bushy than the shrub roses like Knockout.

Rainbow Knockout
The roses will be taking a rest for awhile and hopefully we will see them again (unless the Japanese Beetles destroy all of the flowers).

Blue Angel Clematis (TypeIII)
I almost did not keep this clematis when I saw the pale blue flower, but this year en masse, I really love it!

Visions Astilbe with Interrupted Fern and Lady Fern

Sprite Astilbe

Bordeaux Petunia

Superbells Yellow Chiffon

Asiatic Graffiti

Happy Returns Daylily
This is the first of my daylilies to bloom.

Mary Todd Daylily

Red Rum Daylily

Eileen Clymer Daylily

Arnie's Choice Daylily

Blue Paradise Phlox
My earliest phlox to bloom, last to bloom, reblooms with deadheading and scented, needs support, but worth it!
The south back border ready to break into full bloom!

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